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You're tired of the same daily routine and want to step into the
wonderful world of self employment. It can be a
great life. It is
for many folks, just like you, all over the world. You can
set your
own hours
, make great money, and be able to leave so many
of the frustrations behind that your friends in the traditional world
face every day. According to report by the United States Small
Business Administration in 2004,
53% of all business in the
US were home based business
. This many people know

If you are looking to start a home based business, you're not
alone. The U.S. Small Business Administration also found in
2004 that there were
over 11 million home based
businesses in the United States
alone. Over 2 million of them
had sales of greater than $50,000 a year. The number has
grown since then. Some of our nation's greatest business have
started as home based businesses. You may recognize some of
Google, Dell Computers, HP, and Amazon.com. These
are just a few of the business success stories that
began as
home based businesses
. Could your business be the next
mega success?

Many people, most in fact, will tell you you're crazy. You can't
make it on your own. You need a traditional job. But there are no
guarantees with a traditional job either. More and more big
companies are outsourcing to save labor costs.
in October 2005 it was laying off 25,000
and closing plants. Ford Motor Company
announced in January, 2006 they would be doing much the
same thing.  It's not going to stop any time soon, either. In
October of 2007
Chrysler axed 12,000 more employees.
These jobs will not come back (unless you live in Mexico)!

If you're in the
financial services sector, you're definitely at
. The credit crunch is costing thousands of mortgage
brokers, loan officers and other employees of banks, mortgage
companies, and financial institutions their jobs. In fact, the
of America
announced at the end of October, 2007 that it would
lay off 3,000 employees. These job cuts are in addition to the
2,500 layoffs the bank announced the month before.

Don't Be The Crab in the Bucket
When you start your own home business, it's like being a crab in
bucket. If one crab starts to climb out and make it's own way, the
others pull it back into the bucket. It's much the same way with
having your own business. Your family and friends will try and
pull back into the bucket that is daily life in their world. Many will
say you can't do it.
They're flat wrong.

When you do make it, many will say "Look at how lucky they are!
They're rich!" Those folks won't know the countless hours you
spent building your business to make it successful.

You've got to be that rouge crab! The one that keeps climbing
and never quits, no matter what obstacles are placed in front of
you! There will be many, but you can go over or around them. It
will be hard work, but you can make it happen. Even such
symbols of success such as Donald Trump have had obstacles
to overcome. Donald Trump says "Never quit!". He never has
and you must have the same attitude in your home business.

Your own home business can be one of the greatest things in
life if you have the drive, determination and tools to make it a
success. Here you can find some of the opportunities, inspiration
and tools to help make your home business a success.
Remember, always keep fighting and don't listen to those who
say you can't do it. Most important, you must work smart, not just
hard and you can make it in your own business.

Common Myths Why You Aren't Getting Rich
There are many myths associated with getting rich. More to the
point, there are many excuses people give when explaining why
they're not rich. In many cases they're lying to themselves more
than anyone else. Here are some of the most common lies pople
tell when explaining why they've failed to become wealthy:

1 - I never finished college. Well, neither did Bill Gates or Steve
Jobs. For that matter, the world is of full of very successful
entrepreneurs who never finished college. They do a great job
hiring people who did finish to work in their businesses!

2 - If I make enough money at my job, I can invest and become
Well, possibly, but unlikely. You see, most wealthy
people either own (or did own) their own businesses, or got a
piece of someone else's business through stock options or trade

The real problem is that most people simply don't make enough
money at their jobs, and don't do the right things with the money
they do make, to ever become rich. You must do one of two
things; either make more money at your current job, or,
preferably, create multiple income streams.

3 - If I work longer and harder, I'll eventually become wealthy. In
your dreams, perhaps. See the wealth rules above. in most
cases there simply not enough hours in the day for you to work
any harder without sacrificing everything else in your life. Don't
do that. The quality of your life is too important. You should be
able to make fantastic money and become wealthy without killing
yourself. You must work hard to succeed, but it's far more
important to work smart.

Use strategies to employ one of most powerful wealth producing
principles; leverage. With everything you do, you should be
questioning yourself; is there some way I can monitize this even
more effectively? Soon you will train yourself to see wealth
creation opportunities you never even knew existed.
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